So Long, From Taddle Creek

Jane Jacobs Variety

Art by Ian Phillips

The Useless

(For Derek McCormack)

Illustration by Hartley Lin


The day Taddle Creek called it a day.

The Taddle Creek Book

Second Cup, Bay Street

The Year of Chloe and Her Beautiful Horses

Above Snakes

Derek McCormack isn’t finished desecrating the things he loves.

Another Night Out for Wendy

Photograph courtesy of Donald Weston

Dupont at Zenith

An overdue memorial to the forgotten achievements of Toronto’s twentieth-century avenue of enterprise.

Good Ol’ Taddle Creek

Photograph by Phillip Smith

Point of Pride

Twenty-five years of Taddle Creek portrait photography.

Art by Ian Phillips

Sunken Treasure

What I Learned Growing Up in Parkdale

For Sheena.

Art by Ian Phillips



Art by Ian Phillips

The Mermaid Sings

Art by Ian Phillips

Extreme Ironing

Art by Matthew Daley

Corey Was a Danger Cat

Art by Matthew Daley

The Quiet

Art by Ethan Rilly

Ex Montreal

Letters to Amelia Earhart

Photograph by Bob Boudreau

Roller Coaster Ride

The Saint John Ex’s ever-changing fortune.

Photo by Ron Nickel Photography

Footprints in the Sand

Richard Kelly Kemick wasn’t sure why he wanted to spend an entire summer in the Alberta badlands acting in a play about the death of Jesus Christ. In this excerpt from a work-in-progress, the Christian-turned-agnostic discovers he’s not the only one with questions.


An excerpt.

Illustration by Matthew Daley

Loose Time

Art by Ian Phillips

Chained for Life

Excerpts from Trapeze: As Told by Siamese Twins Iris and Lily Hutton.

Art by Jason Kieffer

Why, Zanta? Why?

When Louis Riel Went Crazy