Fall, 2022

Above Snakes

Derek McCormack isn’t finished desecrating the things he loves.
Summer, 2021

World of Wonder

Scott McClelland’s sideshow legacy.
Winter, 2020–21

Solitary Man

Michel Rabagliati confronts age and loneliness in Paul at Home.

Back in the Saddle

Katherine Collins, creator of the comic Neil the Horse, saw her career end when she transitioned. She’d like it back.
Photo of Alexandra Leggat by Thomas Blanchard
Winter, 2016–2017


Alexandra Leggat’s Two Wolves Press.

Paul in Retirement

Michel Rabagliati puts Paul on the shelf—at least for now.
Photo by Tom Hicken
Winter, 2014–2015

Special Delivery

Owl’s Karen Sullivan-Cooke keeps another generation interested in the art of letter-writing.
Winter, 2013–2014

Round 2

No matter how many chairs are thrown at him, Nathaniel G. Moore won’t let his shoulder touch the mat.
Photograph by Thomas Blanchard
Summer, 2013

Blood Thicker Than Honey Water

Saleema Nawaz expands the universe of two early creations in her debut novel, Bone and Bread.
Photograph by Thomas Blanchard
Winter, 2012–2013

Formative Obsessions

What happens when a twelve-year-old girl gets hold of The Handmaid’s Tale.
Photograph by Thomas Blanchard
Summer, 2012


Everyday objects trigger inspiration for the author Lauren Kirshner.
Photograph by Thomas Blanchard
Christmas, 2011

Stranded in the Jungle

For fourteen years, Flipped Out Phil restored the sanctity of the radio D.J. across Montreal’s airwaves.
Photograph by Thomas Blanchard
Summer, 2011

A Change of Direction

The poet Evie Christie discusses her first novel and trying her hand at writing for the stage.
Art by Dave Lapp
Christmas, 2010

Comic Therapy

Dave Lapp revisits a dark time with the collected publication of Children of the Atom.
Summer, 2010

His Own Private Shangri-La

By following his own path, Lee Henderson has emerged as the freshest voice in CanLit.