The Taddle Creek Book

July 18, 2023
Julie Cameron Gray

Just when you thought Taddle Creek had published its last comes The Taddle Creek Book, a stunning (the rounded corners!) three hundred and eighty-four page hardcover anthology featuring seventy-one pieces culled from the magazine’s fifty issues, plus one all-new story, because Taddle Creek just couldn’t stop itself from publishing things, given the chance. The book also features new endpapers by Matthew Daley and a cover by Hartley Lin. After twenty-five years of eschewing cover lines, Taddle Creek decided to take things to the next level and not even have a title on the cover of its book, so look for the unmissable, distinctive spine if debossed Tad isn’t evident.

The Taddle Creek Book was published in June, 2023, and was at least initially available in select stores. Depending on when you’re reading this, it may not be in the those stores anymore. Since most people pre-ordered the book via a crowdfunding campaign, Taddle Creek didn’t do a major retail push and won’t be accepting mail orders after December 1, 2023, so you might be on your own if you didn’t grab it early. But if you did—thank you, and enjoy!