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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor should include the writer’s full name, address, and daytime phone number. All letters become the property of Taddle Creek and may be reproduced, in part or in full, in any medium. Letters may be edited for length and most certainly will be edited for clarity. The magazine reserves the right to mock any nasty or especially silly letters. Due to the volume of mail received, Taddle Creek should have no problem responding to all letters in a timely fashion.


You’re too late. The magazine has published its final issue. You’ll never be Taddle Creek now.


Contacting the magazine regarding any subscription queries or problems will see those queries or problems dealt with immediately. Please return the favour and remember to inform Taddle Creek promptly of any change of address.

Back Issues

Unlike most literary magazines, Taddle Creek does not have a storage locker filled with unsold back issues. But it does have a few it put away just for you. If there’s a specific issue you’re looking for, send the magazine your request list and Taddle Creek will get right back to you with availability and price information.

The Taddle Creek Guidebook to Fact-checking Fiction

Think all fiction is fictional? Think again. This handy chapbook is the darling of the literary-reference scene, and it can be yours for only five dollars, payable by cheque, money order, or well-concealed cash sent to the above address—but not right now, because it’s sold out. A new edition will be issued soon. Feel free to ask the magazine to put you on the advance-notice list for this must-have item.


Rights to individual works published in Taddle Creek remain the property of the authors. No part of the print or on-line version of this periodical may be reproduced in any form without the consent of Taddle Creek or the individual authors. In the case of photocopying or other reproductive copying, a licence from Access Copyright, (800) 893-5777, must be obtained. Drop Taddle Creek a line if you need help obtaining reprint permissions.

Contacting a Contributor

Taddle Creek will be happy to pass along messages to its contributors on your behalf, but cannot give out author contact information. Many authors can be reached via their personal Web sites, which should be linked to their biography on this site.

Employment Opportunities

Taddle Creek is not hiring in either its editorial or design departments.

Internship Program

Taddle Creek does not have an internship program at this time. Please do not write to ask if you can be the magazine’s intern even though you know the magazine does not have an internship program. The enthusiasm is appreciated, but will not change the fact that no position exists.

Web Site Queries

If you have a question about or have found a problem with the magazine’s Web site, please do drop the magazine a line at the above address.

Review Material

Taddle Creek does not publish book reviews, though it does mention certain books from time to time, both in print and on-line. The magazine happily will accept books sent to it, and will keep or dispose of them as it sees fit, but it probably will not write about them in any way that will be of use to you.

Media Requests

Everyone loves to see their name in print, and Taddle Creek is no exception. With so many media outlets yet to feature a story on the magazine, there’s still time to do so without looking like a bandwagon jumper. If you’d like to write something—anything!—about Taddle Creek, please contact the magazine and Taddle Creek will spill its guts to you.


It’s not as easy to find Taddle Creek on the newsstand as it once was, what with there not being very many newsstands anymore. But as long as there’s even one newsy that will carry Taddle Creek, Taddle Creek will allow itself to be carried. If you have a question about where to find the magazine, or if you’d like to see Taddle Creek available at your local newsstand, please write to the above address. Taddle Creek is distributed in Canada by Magazines Canada, and also does a bit of supplemental distribution on its own.


  • The Editor-in-Chief
    Conan Tobias
  • The Copy Editor
    Kevin Connolly
  • The Proofreader
    Joyce Byrne
  • The Contributing Editors
    Suzanne Alyssa Andrew, Alfred Holden, Dave Lapp
  • The Art Director
    Conan Tobias
  • The Contributing Designer
    John Montgomery
  • The Illustrators
    Matthew Daley, Ethan Rilly
  • The Photographer
    Thomas Blanchard
  • The Web Site Developer
    Matthew McKinnon
  • The Publisher
    Conan Tobias
  • The Fundraiser
    Lisa Whittington-Hill