Photograph by Lindsay Zier-Vogel
Summer, 2011

Secret Admirer

Lindsay Zier-Vogel spreads the love with the Love Lettering Project.
Photograph by W. E. Moore
Summer, 2011

Peeling Back the Layers

Toronto has bigger parks, even better parks, but few work as hard as Taddle Creek Park.
Photograph by Alfred Holden
Christmas, 2010

Beautiful Anomaly

The century-old Sylvan has much to teach about city living.
Christmas, 2010

Hey! It’s for Horses

Saint John’s equine population can’t get a drop to drink.
Summer, 2010

Zine Machine

Cutting out the middleman.
Summer, 2010

Neighbourhood Watch

All communities have stories to tell. Montreal’s Mile End is no exception.
Photograph by J. Heeney
Christmas, 2009


Gerstein is worth exploring.
Art by
Halloween, 2008

Halloween ABCs

A selective history of the scariest night of the year—from All Hallows to zombies.
Photograph by Conan Tobias
Halloween, 2008

Got Brains?

Toronto zombies walk the walk. Slowly.
Photograph by TK
Summer, 2008

A Better (Sub)way?

The T.T.C. is forgetting its history—in more ways than one.
Photograph by
Summer, 2008

Slim Curiosity

The Varsity Chapbook was an elegant early step in Toronto’s literary development.
Photograph by Mary Williamson
Christmas, 2007

Submission Hold

Taddle Creek’s most-rejected author can’t catch a break.
Photograph by Conan Tobias
Christmas, 2007

Hand Finished

From cat pans to lingerie, Honest Ed’s offers the most artful bargain in town.
Summer, 2007

You Know—For Kids

Two underground gurus look to the next D.I.Y. generation.
Photograph by Terry Murray
Christmas, 2006

Gods and Monsters

Terry Murray surfed webs both modern and old to tell the grotesque story of Toronto.
Photograph by Mark Lyall
Summer, 2006

The Paper Pompeii

Imagination was the cornerstone of Beaver, a metropolis of skyscrapers, mad industrialists, and a game called “fraughpp.”
Christmas, 2005

Randomness Factor

Pontiac Quarterly is more house party than art wank.
Art by Ian Phillips
Christmas, 2005


The lost chapter to Christmas Days.