Photographs by Alfred Holden
Summer, 2005

Fake Authenticity

The de-evolution of Toronto’s street signs attempts to showcase their magestic past, but instead displays an inspired future.
Photograph by Alfred Holden
Christmas, 2004

The Better Way

A local typographer has done his part to preserve one of Toronto’s small charms.
Photograph by David Cooper/Toronto Star
Summer, 2002

The Playground War

“Danger!,” screamed the school trustees, as they tore down the monkey bars.
Art by Ian Phillips
Summer, 2002

Past Due

A companion to the science fiction novel Everyone In Silico.

This Once-Fabulous Place

How a landlord’s lack of vision led to the destruction of one of Toronto’s great architectural monuments.
Uno Prii

Those Were the Days

Despite his passing, Uno Prii’s philosophy of city living lives on in the apartment houses he left behind.
Photograph by Maurice Seymour
Christmas, 2000

The Streamlined Man

Percy Faith smoothed out rock, jazzed the classics, and became one of the most important musicians Canada has produced.
Photograph by Ken Bell Photography
Christmas, 1999

This Fabulous Place

You wouldn’t think an aging apartment house as a good place to put down roots. Think again.
Photograph courtesy of Donald Weston
Christmas, 1998

Dupont at Zenith

An overdue memorial to the forgotten achievements of Toronto’s twentieth-century avenue of enterprise.