Photo by Ryan Girard
Winter, 2018–2019

A Noble Installation

Edmonton’s Neon Sign Museum is helping revitalize the downtown and document the city’s retail heritage.
Illustration by Kara Pyle
Winter, 2018–2019

The Good of the Order

A found minute book reveals the day-to-day mysteries of Beulah Rebekah Lodge No. 5.
Photo by Tom Hicken
Winter, 2018–2019

Comfort Food, Canada Style

Taddle Creek’s resident caker cook whips up a lasagna so strong and free, two out of two nonnas deem it serviceable.
Photo of the Royal Canadian Bicycle Club
Summer, 2018

Accidental Historian

Barry Slater’s curious nature is helping a Toronto curling club rediscover its past.
Photo by Ron Nickel Photography
Summer, 2018

Footprints in the Sand

Richard Kelly Kemick wasn’t sure why he wanted to spend an entire summer in the Alberta badlands acting in a play about the death of Jesus Christ. In this excerpt from a work-in-progress, the Christian-turned-agnostic discovers he’s not the only one with questions.
Photo of Jasper by W. J. L. Gibbons
Summer, 2018

Distinctly Canadian

Visitors to Jasper, Alberta, still love the town’s namesake host, seventy years after his first appearance.
Photo by Brian Francis
Summer, 2018

Devilishly Elegant

Nothing says summer like a trayful of hard-boiled eggs covered in salad dressing and cornflakes.
Photo by Edmund Jarecki, Chicago Daily News
Summer, 2018

Neighbourhood Watch

In January, 1968, eleven black students integrated Mount Greenwood Elementary School, on Chicago’s Southwest Side. In this excerpt from a memoir of her family’s civil-rights activities, Terry Murray, a white Mount Greenwood teen at the time, recalls the turmoil of the anti-integration protests that followed.