The Taddle Creek Talking Magazine

Summer, 2008 / No. 20

The Contents

Read by Paul Bellini as the voice of Taddle Creek

The Masthead

Read by Moe Berg

The Indicia

Read by Moe Berg

The Contributors

Read by Moe Berg

The Mail

Read by Jenny Hall, Terri Favro, Brian Joseph Davis, and Paul Bellini as the voice of Taddle Creek

Proper Capitalization

By Taddle Creek. Read by Paul Bellini as the voice of Taddle Creek

The Apology

By Taddle Creek. Read by Paul Bellini as the voice of Taddle Creek


By Sara Heinonen. Read by Sara Heinonen

Tart. Sweet. Crunchy. Crisp.

By Gary Barwin. Read by Gary Barwin

The Princess Is Dead

By Heather Hogan. Read by Heather Hogan


By Gil Adamson. Read by Ryan Bigge and Kevin Connolly

A Situation Comedy

By Lee Henderson. Read by the Taddle Creek Players (Ryan Blakely as Jasper, Andy Boorman as Cliff, Jeanie Calleja as Mallory, Gabriela Hahn as Gwen, Gord Rand as Rosy, Adrienne Weiss as the fiancée, Dave MacKinnon as the boss, Conan Tobias as the loser and the paramedic, and Chris Chambers as the narrator)

The Grass Seed

By Claudia Dávila. Read by Alexandra Leggat

The Suffering Trickster

By Sally McKay and Von Bark. Read by Derek McCormack

Slim Curiosity

By Conan Tobias. Read by Nathaniel G. Moore

A Better (Sub)way?

By Alfred Holden. Read by Alfred Holden

My Town Restaurant

By Dave Lapp. Read by Dave Lapp

Be Careful, It’s My Heart

By Patrick Rawley. Read by Patrick Rawley

Untitled, by Zelda Sayre

By Adrienne Weiss. Read by Adrienne Weiss

Pigeon III

By Chris Chambers. Read by Chris Chambers

Reading Ma Jian on the Farm

By Alexandra Leggat. Read by Alexandra Leggat

New Texas

By Chris Michalski. Read by Paul Vermeersch

All You Need Is Lorazepam

By Evie Christie. Read by John Degen

The Bonus Track

Artist unknown.


The producer and masterer: Dave MacKinnon. The executive producer: Conan Tobias. Recorded May 21 & 25, 2008, at the Junkshop, in Toronto’s Little Italy. Poems recorded live at the I.V. Lounge Reading Series, April 11, 2008. (“Tart. Sweet. Crunchy. Crisp.” recorded by Gary Barwin at the National Rhyme Institute Regional Rhyme Gland Sound Laboratory, Hamilton, May 11, 2008.) Laugh track on “A Situation Comedy” courtesy of SoundSnap. The Bonus Track © Steam Whistle Brewing. This downloadable talking edition of Taddle Creek was released for free in conjunction with the summer, 2008, issue of the magazine. Please distribute. Print rights to all individual works remain the property of the authors. © 2008 by Vitalis Publishing, P.O. Box 611, Station P, Toronto, Ontario M5S 2Y4. All rights reserved. Made in Canada. VITDLP 1002.