The Poems

All You Need is Lorazepam

From the Summer, 2008, issue 

(No. 20)

“You could be richer and thinner,” says the mirror;

but your tits don’t sag yet, my girl (and what

an ass). Don’t waste another diet cola day

with clip-show-porn beat-offs and Tyra.

Oh go on, be too sad to kill yourself.

Try on your Brownie uniform, aim your gun (and say, “Pow!”),

and think, if it fits this snug,

your ghost would be much too fat.

Be oh so beautiful. Remember when you gave up

cigarettes? That was a laugh. Go on,

get a pack. Disturb an old boyfriend.

Maybe a fight will do you some good, princess.

Think about gin and candy and take three pills,

or watch a song-and-dance picture about being in love

and find that you just don’t have the time.

Your days are too full for that, doll.