Pigeon III

Summer, 2008 / No. 20

The pigeons chose to go mute to be with us.

They lost the chortle overnight upon learning

we could abide their presence

but not that obscene, infernal cooing.

The where we were!

The time you stayed out overnight.

I made myself sick to imagine where you were.

Why settle for less—unless you mean cooing…

Say your wife is a pigeon and she flies away.

Doesn’t come back until just before night.

That’s it.

That’s what you get.

That’s what

she leaves you.

That’s what she leaves


Spend the night…

Spend the night tracking her

wandering through a hail of maple leaves

in your dreamy birdbrain unconscious…

Maybe you wait around thinking

she’s just gone. Be gone

maybe an hour or two.

She can’t tell you—you pigeons!

Spruce up the nest.

Maybe fly around in circles with the others.

Maybe make love when she returns.

Then you’ll know.

You know your wife.

Your beautiful wife.

Maybe she’ll fly off again tomorrow

just after night leaves the sky.

The Talking Creek Talking Magazine
Pigeon III
Read by Chris Chambers