Expo 67 artifacts are among the few reminders of crumbling dreams.

Back in the Saddle

Katherine Collins, creator of the comic Neil the Horse, saw her career end when she transitioned. She’d like it back.

Paul in Retirement

Michel Rabagliati puts Paul on the shelf—at least for now.
Photograph of Bill Nye

Bill Nye is Undeniably Cool

One thing that hasn’t evolved is the scientist’s ability to stay on message.
Photograph of the Switchback host Stan "the Man" Johnson, circa 1983.

My First Obsession

The encouragement of a CBC kids' show producer made my career a lot more fun.

This Once-Fabulous Place

How a landlord’s lack of vision led to the destruction of one of Toronto’s great architectural monuments.
Uno Prii

Those Were the Days

Despite his passing, Uno Prii’s philosophy of city living lives on in the apartment houses he left behind.