The Poems

Sueño Perdido

After Valery Larbaud.

From the Fall, 2001, issue 

(No. 6)

Oh endless grey clouds choking the sky,

black moon, invisible stars,

distant squeal of tires beneath

the shell of a car with a tree growing through it;

oh various trembling monsters

that lurch through cold empty cellars,

and whose scribbled claws swipe from beneath my bed,

who await me in places I’ll never go; oh

constant clatter of locomotives through

my chest, tiny trembling pigeon

lodged in my bowels, ill-formed kernels of love

glittering in the back of my throat,

in my shoulders, in the palms of my hands;

oh vivid memories of decades before my birth,

of all the pain I’ve caused, and the pain for which

I bear no blame, the peaceful dreams

of those dear to me, the misspellings on

eroded headstones shrouded in mist; oh chaos,

exhaustion, bliss, confusion, serenity, blankness,

panic, quiet, quiet;

oh endless roaring clouds

rolling over my head, I offer you this:

my lost sleep.