Baguette, Pigeon, Peregrine

Winter, 2017–2018 / No. 40

The peregrine bites the head off a pigeon.

The pigeon bites the head off a baguette.

The centrality, the persistence—

The Role of the Baguette.

“In this ever-changing world in which we live in”

a stale baguette becomes a weapon.

And a wet baguette?

Just another sly aside before the lighting of a cigarette.

Kitchen Tip No. 37—Save a Stale Baguette:

halve it, sprinkle with water, toast.

To nourish the masses! (At least the masses

that can find a boulangerie.) To nourish the masses

is a comfort afforded not much to pigeons,

and pretty much lost on peregrine, too.