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The Contributors

Rebecca Caldwell

Rebecca Caldwell works in print and film. She is the magazine’s founding copy editor, a position she held from 1997 to 2002. Last updated winter, 2012–2013.

Julie Cameron Gray

Julie Cameron Gray is the author of the poetry collections Tangle and Lady Crawford, which was shortlisted for the Pat Lowther Memorial Award. She first contributed to the magazine in 2013, and her knitting column, The Stitch, began in 2020. Last updated fall, 2022.

Nathan Campagnaro

Nathan is a multidisciplinary artist living in Guelph, Ontario. He is known for his event and show posters, and has worked in the areas of comics, illustration, screen printing, storyboards, and, more recently, sculpture and toy making. Last updated summer, 2020.

Roseanne Carrara

Roseanne Carrara is the author of the poetry collection A Newer Wilderness and recently completed the manuscript of her first novel. Her writing has appeared in the Malahat Review, the Fiddlehead, and ARC. Last updated summer, 2019.

Ben Carrozza

Ben Carrozza lives in the Annex. His first published short story appeared in the Christmas, 2004, issue of Taddle Creek. Last updated Christmas, 2004.

Lauren Carter

Lauren Carter is the author of Swarm, a dystopian literary novel—listed as one of the “Top 40 books that could change Canada,” by CBC’s Canada Reads program—and Lichen Bright, a collection of poetry. Last updated summer, 2015.

Sue Carter

Sue Carter is the editor of Quill and Quire, and the books columnist for Metro. Last updated winter, 2017–2018.

Michael e. Casteels

Michael e. Casteels wrestles with robots in existential-crisis, dinosaurs that refuse extinction, alphabets in various stages of explosion/implosion, and many other serious topics, like century-long bus rides, and the way the clouds look right now. His first collection of poetry is The Last White House at the End of the Row of White Houses. He runs Puddles of Sky Press. Last updated summer, 2019.

Chris Chambers

Chris Chambers is the author of the poetry collections Thrillows and Despairos, Lake Where No One Swims, and Wild Mouse (with Derek McCormack). He first contributed to the magazine in 1997 and holds the record for most contributions. Last updated fall, 2022.

Sharon Miki Chan

Sharon Miki Chan is a freelance copywriter and editor based in Vancouver. She is a graduate of Simon Fraser University’s Writer’s Studio, and her writing has been featured on Joyland, Loose Lips Magazine, and HGTV Canada. Last updated summer, 2020.

Michael Cho

Michael Cho lives in Little Portugal, where he works as a cartoonist and illustrator. His work has been published in several Marvel and DC comics, the New York Times, Nick Magazine, Owl, Now, and Maclean’s. He is currently writing and drawing various graphic novel and art-book projects, in between posting stories for his Web comic, Papercut, and updating his sketch blog. Two of his stories from Taddle Creek were nominated for National Magazine Awards, one of which, “Stars,” from the magazine’s Christmas, 2007, issue, was awarded a silver medal. His work has been appearing in the magazine since 2000. Last updated summer, 2009.

Ann Y. K. Choi

Ann Y. K. Choi lives in Toronto. Her debut novel is Kay’s Lucky Coin Variety. Last updated summer, 2017.

Kevin Chong

Kevin Chong lives in Vancouver. His latest books are the novel Beauty Plus Pity (Arsenal, 2011) and the memoir My Year of the Racehorse (Greystone, 2012). Last updated summer, 2012.

Margaret Christakos

Margaret Christakos lives in Little Portugal. Her works include the poetry collections Excessive Love Prostheses (Coach House, 2002) and Wipe Under a Love (Mansfield, 2000), and a novel, Charisma (Pedlar, 2000), which was short-listed for the 2001 Trillium Book Award. Last updated Christmas, 2002.

Michael Christie

Michael Christie is the author of the story collection The Beggar’s Garden, the novel If I Fall, If I Die, and a forthcoming novel that may be titled Greenwood. He has contributed to the magazine since 2012. Last updated winter, 2017–2018.

Evie Christie

Evie Christie is the author of Mere Extinction and other books and plays. She first contributed to the magazine in 2003. Last updated fall, 2022.

Cole Closser

Cole Closser is the author of the graphic novels Little Tommy Lost and Black Rat. A native of the Ozarks, Cole is an associate professor of art and design at Missouri State University whose work has appeared in a variety of publications, including The Best American Comics and Black Warrior Review. Last updated summer, 2022.

Kasey Coholan

Kasey Coholan lives in Brockton. In 2009 she became one of the first two Taddle Creek protégés. Last updated winter, 2012–2013.

David Collier

David Collier lives in Hamilton. His most recent book is Winter of Our Pandemic. Last updated fall, 2022.

James Collier

James Collier currently is sixteen years old. He is the son of David Collier. Last updated winter, 2015–2016.

Joey Comeau

Joey Comeau lives in Chinatown. He is the author of It’s Too Late to Say I’m Sorry (Loose Teeth, 2007), Lockpick Pornography (Loose Teeth, 2005), and the novel Overqualified, to be published in 2009 by ECW. He co-creates, with Emily Horne, the photo comic A Softer World, which appears weekly in the Guardian. The first Softer World collection, Truth and Beauty Bombs, was published by Loose Teeth in 2006. Last updated Halloween, 2008.

Kevin Connolly

Kevin Connolly is a poet, freelance editor, and the author of several poetry collections, including Xiphoid Process. He was Taddle Creek’s copy editor from 2003 to 2022, and first contributed poetry in 2002. Last updated fall, 2022.

E. M. Courtemanche

E. M. Courtemanche lives in Christie-Ossington. She has been published in the poetry anthology Daybreak on the Land (National Library of Poetry, 1996) and hopes to publish an anthology of her own in the near future. Last updated Christmas, 1999.

Dani Couture

Dani Couture is the author of several books, most recently the poetry collection Listen Before Transmit. She first contributed to the magazine in 2004. Last updated fall, 2022.

David Craig

David Craig is a cartoonist whose most recent works feature Brick, an anthropomorphized building block. His books include Brick Breaks Free, which was nominated for a Doug Wright Award, and Curse of Brick. He first contributed to the magazine in 2019. Last updated fall, 2022.

Rick Crilly

Rick Crilly lives in Downtown Toronto. He is the author of The Tablecloth Trick (ECW, 2007). Last updated Halloween, 2008.

Lynn Crosbie

Lynn Crosbie lives and writes in Parkdale. Her latest book is Liar (Anansi, 2006). Last updated summer, 2006.

Joren Cull

Joren Cull is an illustrator and animator whose work has appeared in the New York Times, the Walrus, and the Globe and Mail. He received a National Magazine Award for spot illustrations in 2015. Last updated winter, 2016–2017.

Matthew Daley

Matthew Daley is a freelance illustrator. His latest book is Assorted Baggage. He was Taddle Creek’s in-house illustrator from 2009 to 2022. Last updated fall, 2022.

Andrew Daley

Andrew Daley works in the film industry. He is the author of Resort and Tell Your Sister. He was Taddle Creek’s associate editor from 2004 to 2009, and first contributed to the magazine in 1997. Last updated fall, 2022.

Peter Darbyshire

Peter Darbyshire lives in Vancouver. He is the author of the novel Please (Raincoast, 2002) and an editor of the Vancouver Province. He has contributed to the magazine since 2000. Last updated Halloween, 2008.

Claudia Dávila

Claudia Dávila is the Toronto-based author/illustrator of the graphic novel series The Future According to Luz. Her latest picture book is Super Red Riding Hood. Last updated, summer, 2014.

Tim Davin

Tim Davin lives in Little Italy. He has fond childhood memories of collecting CHUM Charts and listening to the Jungle Jay Nelson morning show. He lives with his wife, and two sons who don’t listen to radio. Last updated Christmas, 2011.

Brian Joseph Davis

Brian Joseph Davis is the author of Portable Altamont (Coach House, 2005) and I, Tania (ECW, 2007). Last updated, Halloween, 2008.

Trevor Davis

Trevor Davis lives near the Beach. He is currently working on post-production for a short film based on his story “The God Machine.” His first published poem appeared in the summer, 2003, issue of Taddle Creek. Last updated summer, 2006.

William A. Davison

William A. Davison is a miniature Alsatian trapped in a soap bubble floating somewhere in the vicinity of Bloorcourt Village and… oh, look—there’s Steve Venright’s apartment way down there! A few of his works have mistakenly appeared in Rampike, Muse Apprentice Guild, Perpetual Motion Machine, and the Mercury anthology Surreal Estate. Last updated summer, 2005.

Kim Dawn

Kim Dawn lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. She is an interdisciplinary artist, and a graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Last updated Christmas, 2003.

Leesa Dean

Leesa Dean is a graduate of the University of Guelph's M.F.A. program and a creative writing instructor at Selkirk College, in British Columbia. Her first book is Waiting for the Cyclone. She lives in the Kootenays, on an acreage, surrounded by crashed cars and fruit trees. Last updated winter, 2019–2020.

Michael DeForge

Michael DeForge draws comics in Toronto. His most recent book is Ant Colony. Last updated winter, 2015–2016.

John Degen

John Degen is a poet and novelist who currently is trying to work himself out of his day job so he can write more poems and novels. He occasionally talks about copyright. He first contributed to the magazine in 1997. Last updated fall, 2022.

Nicole Dixon

Nicole Dixon lives on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Her first book is the short-story collection High-Water Mark. Last updated summer, 2017.

Farzana Doctor

Farzana Doctor was named one of “Ten Canadian women writers you need to read now,” by CBC Books. She co-curates the Brockton Writers Series, and her third novel, All Inclusive, will be published in the fall of 2015. Last updated summer, 2015.

Keneth Doiron

Keneth Doiron is the former owner of Ken’s Fine Books, in Mirvish Village. Last updated Christmas, 1998.

Bo Doodley

Bo Doodley got her start in illustration with horror and lowbrow art. She was the first comic artist in residence at the Canada Comics Open Library. Last updated spring, 2022.

Philippa Dowding

Philippa Dowding’s Lost Gargoyle series of books has been nominated for some of Canada’s top literary awards for children. Her next book is Jake and the Giant Hand. Last updated summer, 2014.

Catherine Duchastel

Catherine Duchastel lives in Corso Italia. She has been published previously in the zine Slam. Last updated fall, 2001.

Jack Dylan

Jack Dylan lives in Trinity Bellwoods. His work has been featured regularly in the Globe and Mail, The Walrus, and Toronto Life. He also creates poster designs for artists and bands, as well as his own series of fine art prints, and illustrates for print advertising. Last updated summer, 2011.