Art by Ian Phillips

The Useless

(For Derek McCormack)
Photograph by Phillip Smith

Not Just Mouthing the Words

Camilla Gibb transforms from first-time novelist to writer with The Petty Details of So-and-so’s Life.
Photograph by David Cooper/Toronto Star

The Playground War

“Danger!,” screamed the school trustees, as they tore down the monkey bars.
Art by Ian Phillips

Horse Feathers

An excerpt from The Haunted Hillbilly.
Art by Ian Phillips

One Sweet Dawn

A history of the alcoholic fruit cooler, Part I.
Art by Ian Phillips

Past Due

A companion to the science fiction novel Everyone In Silico.
Photograph by Phillip Smith

Nobody Loves a Fat Kid

In his new collection, poet Paul Vermeersch stands up for the beaten, the bullied, the misunderstood.


Art by Ethan Rilly

Ida Red