Summer, 2006 / No. 16

smart drug, nanoshot cocktail, virtualvodka, liquid supercomputer


what you see goes no farther—pornoplasm menu, red eye sun

click here to link, enter the password, make the connection

have contempt for death, believe in all things

magical and unseen; be mystery itself,

the worm in the apple secret agent,

all gadgetry behind the scenes.

Discordian sabotage monkey-wrenching with art,

with ideas…ticking lysergic bombs metaphor potential

subsonic and subliminal explosives,

real as a written word.

baby, you’re a rich man, tuned to a natural “e”

guerilla campaign in the digitalmountains,

indecipherable graffititag on a garage

can’t catch what

you can’t see

blowup at the what-a-way-to-go-go

madness and trances, dancing for freedom

and gods with elephant heads…

a car is waiting.

Sixtiesspyshow electricathemesong—as it comes on…


we’re ready for anything

here come the policemen. there there

don’t cry