Illustration by Hartley Lin

The Ephemera

Goings on at the magazine.
Illustration by Matthew Daley


Photo by Tom Hicken

Comfort Food, Canada Style

Taddle Creek’s resident caker cook whips up a lasagna so strong and free, two out of two nonnas deem it serviceable.
Illustration by Kara Pyle

The Good of the Order

A found minute book reveals the day-to-day mysteries of Beulah Rebekah Lodge No. 5.
Photo by Ryan Girard

A Noble Installation

Edmonton’s Neon Sign Museum is helping revitalize the downtown and document the city’s retail heritage.
Illustration by Kara Pyle

Last Resort

How a complex neighbourhood made the best of a bad situation during an intense winter.
Photo by Thomas Blanchard

A Very Comic Christmas

For nearly a decade, James McNee, a Toronto-based communications consultant, has hired local cartoonists to draw his family’s annual holiday card.