The Quick

Summer, 2005 / No. 14

It wasn’t long before the Quick ran out of the room in a cloud of feathers and I starved myself on blue fingers all day just waiting for a train that naturally never came but the smoke was there in a bottle under the heavenly pie and I lifted the fat lady’s skirt but she wasn’t there and that threw me for a loop but the Quick came back with many marbles and delivered a speech and we all cheered and hollered and then it rained but only under the fat lady’s skirt.

I wondered where Jimmy was and as I looked around I saw them all slipping on the marbles and the Quick was laughing big, evil laughs and the floor was tilting away from me and, and, and…they were gone!

I saw Jimmy in the undergrowth outside the window but he couldn’t hear me as I yelled, “Belief is a splinter in the finger of mind!” but he couldn’t hear me I think and he popped open with a surprised kinda look on his face and his guts did a jig on the lawn. Funny.

William A. Davison is a miniature Alsatian trapped in a soap bubble floating somewhere in the vicinity of Bloorcourt Village and… oh, look—there’s Steve Venright’s apartment way down there! A few of his works have mistakenly appeared in Rampike, Muse Apprentice Guild, Perpetual Motion Machine, and the Mercury anthology Surreal Estate. Last updated summer, 2005.