The New Monuments

Summer, 2011 / No. 26

Dear People of Parkdale, why do you pave over your plots with patio brick?

I was born with the head of an owl and the eyes of a cat.

The ninth abandoned palace of the marquise was like a velvet-lined meth lab.

I learned later she wasn’t real royalty, just an out-of-work actress.

I’m not used to living with so little sleep. Sleep is what keeps me from seeing things straight.

I don’t want to go on forever, exactly like this, always a Damian.

Where is the better party you are going to now?

Maybe there will be no grandchildren playing in the long grass.

If you insist on standing up there, at least remove that marble hat.

Damian Rogers lives in Beaconsfield. Born and raised in suburban Detroit, her first book of poetry, Paper Radio, was published in 2009 by ECW. Last updated summer, 2011.