Gwendolyn MacEwen Park

Christmas, 1998 / No. 2

Your park is a tiny round island,

swarming with pigeons,

circled and swept

by gasoline waves of cars.

A mumble of green

dissected by two inter-

secting sidewalks

that drop onto the road.

Here are seven trees, a couple of benches.

And here’s the official sign

with your name on one side only.

Not a line of your cobalt poetry in sight.

Yet, in the Annex, your neighbourhood,

you’ve left this Lilliputian clue:

“one island

small as a wish…”

that has

“never quite been found.”*

*(From “Night on Gull Lake,” by Gwendolyn MacEwen)

Karen L. L. Anderson lives in the Annex. Her poetry has appeared in the White Wall Review and Pink Ink. Last updated Christmas, 1998.