Myna Wallin

Myna Wallin lives in the Annex. She is the author of A Thousand Profane Pieces (Tightrope, 2006). Her work has appeared in The Algonquin Square Table Anthology, Blue Ruin, Eye, The Incredible Journey of the Instant Anthology, Pan del Muerto, and Just Us. Last updated summer, 2006.

Kelly Ward

Kelly Ward is the managing editor of a small, independent publisher and the author of Keep It Beautiful. She won the 2008 Lush Triumphant award for fiction. Last updated winter, 2016–2017.

Victoria Ward

Victoria Ward is a painter and writer living in Haliburton County, Ontario. Her first published work appeared in the Christmas, 2002, issue of Taddle Creek. Last updated Christmas, 2002.

Juliet Waters

Juliet Waters is a Montreal-based freelance writer and critic, and the former books editor of the Montreal Mirror. She currently is working on a book about a year spent learning computer languages. Last updated summer, 2013.

Shannon Webb-Campbell

Shannon Webb-Campbell is a Mi’kmaq poet, writer, and critic, and the author of Who Took My Sister? Her first book, Still No Word, was the inaugural recipient of Egale Canada’s Out In Print Literary Award. She was the 2014 Canadian Women in the Literary Arts critic-in-residence, and defended Bearskin Diary, by Carol Daniels, for CBC Radio’s Turtle Island Reads in 2017. Last updated summer, 2018.

Georgia Webber

Georgia Webber is a writer and comic artist whose current project, Dumb, chronicles her severe vocal injury and subsequent (mostly silent) recovery. Last updated winter, 2013–2014.

Adrienne Weiss

Adrienne Weiss has contributed to the magazine since 2003. She is a teacher and a writer. Her latest book is There Are No Solid Gold Dancers Anymore. Last updated summer, 2019.

Darren Wershler-Henry

Darren Wershler-Henry lives in Seaton Village. He is a writer, critic, editor, and assistant professor of communication studies at Wilfrid Laurier University. He is the author of The Iron Whim (M. & S., 2005) and, with Bill Kennedy, Apostrophe (ECW, 2006). Last updated Christmas, 2006.

    Jessica Westhead

    Jessica Westhead’s short story collection, And Also Sharks, was a finalist for the Danuta Gleed Literary Award. She has contributed to the magazine since 2002. Last updated summer, 2016.

    Kathleen Whelan

    Kathleen Whelan lives in the Church-Wellesley Village. Her fiction has appeared in subTerrain, Blood and Aphorisms, Other Voices, Broken Pencil, and Front & Centre, as well as in publications in California, Ireland, and New Zealand. Last updated Christmas, 2005.

    Zoe Whittall

    Zoe Whittall’s latest book is the novel Holding Still For As Long As Possible. Last updated winter, 2012–2013.

    Lisa Whittington-Hill

      David Whitton

      David Whitton lives in North Toronto. His debut collection, The Reverse Cowgirl, was released in 2011 by Freehand. His short story “The Eclipse,” from Taddle Creek’s summer, 2005, issue, was long-listed for the Journey Prize. He has contributed to the magazine since 2003. Last updated Christmas, 2011.

      Alana Wilcox

      Alana Wilcox lives in Seaton Village. She is the editor of Coach House Books. Her first novel, A Grammar of Endings, was released in 2000 by Mercury. Last updated Christmas, 2006.

      Alexandra Wilder

      Alexandra Wilder lives in San Francisco. Her work has appeared in Tin House, Interim, Carousel, and the Texas Review. Last updated winter, 2012–2013.

      Judith Williams

      Judith Williams lives in the Annex. Her first published story appeared in the Christmas, 1998, issue of Taddle Creek. Last updated Christmas, 1998.

      Julie Wilson

      Julie Wilson is the author of Seen Reading (Freehand, 2012). Her first published short story appeared in the summer, 2003, issue of Taddle Creek. Last updated winter, 2012–2013.

      Steve Wilson

      Steve Wilson lives in Trinity Bellwoods. Born in the dark years (the early seventies), he has been gainfully employed for some time in various design-related positions, including, but not limited to, photographer, comic artist, interior designer, children’s-book illustrator, TV-channel designer, painter, graphic designer, animation director, editorial illustrator, and character designer. Steve also likes Belgium. Last updated summer, 2009.

        Christina Winchur

        Christina Winchur lives in Bloordale Village. She is currently working on her first novel. Last updated summer, 2002.

        Michelle Winters

        Michelle Winters has published fiction in This and Dragnet, and been nominated for the Journey Prize. She is a founding member of Just in a Bowl Productions. Last updated summer, 2013.

        Elana Wolff

        Elana Wolff is a writer, editor, translator, and designer and facilitator of social art courses. Her fifth solo collection of poems, Everything Reminds You of Something Else, was published this spring. She has contributed to the magazine since 2000. Last updated winter, 2017–2018.

        Zach Worton

        Zach Worton lives in Seaton Village. His debut graphic novel, The Klondike, was published in 2009 by Drawn & Quarterly. Last updated winter, 2012–2013.

        Mason Wright

        Mason Wright lives in Parkdale. Despite his lack of skills in producing such works, he has a great appreciation for short fiction and poetry. He is a Web publishing and print journalism jack of all trades. Last updated, summer 2007.

          Alan Young

          Alan Young lives in the Annex. He is a film-school dropout who went on to become a civil-rights lawyer and a professor of law at Osgoode Hall Law School. He has written full-length works for the theatre. His first published short story appeared in the Christmas, 1999, issue of Taddle Creek. Last updated Christmas, 1999.

          Rajo Zakic

          Rajo Zakic lives in Cabbagetown. Recently, he moved his sofa to the other side of the room, which opened up all this space. He works as an illustrator, filmmaker, and furniture salesman. Salesperson, rather. His first published work,“ Do You Have Any Bee Stories?” appeared in the summer, 2003, issue of Taddle Creek. Last updated summer, 2003.

          Mary-Lou Zeitoun

          Mary-Lou Zeitoun lives in Dufferin Grove. Her first novel, 13, was published in 2002 by Porcupine’s Quill. Her first published short story appeared in the summer, 2001, issue of Taddle Creek. She has contributed to the magazine since 2001. Last updated Christmas, 2004.

          Lindsay Zier-Vogel

          Lindsay Zier-Vogel is the creator of the Love Lettering Project. Last updated winter, 2012–2013.

          Tara-Michelle Ziniuk

          Tara-Michelle Ziniuk is a freelance writer, editor, and media-maker. She is the author of Emergency Contact and Somewhere To Run From. Last updated summer, 2015.