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Welcome To the Taddle Creek Blog

Published On-Line, March 26, 2014

Welcome to the Taddle Creek Blog. Contrary to all conventional blog wisdom, posts to this page will be infrequent and, hopefully, home to a variety of voices. Regular readers will know that Taddle Creek always has lots to say and, sometimes, the twice-yearly window of its lone page in the print magazine isn’t enough with which to say it. Social media feeds help, but don’t always provide enough space to contain Taddle Creek’s big thoughts. Thus, the Taddle Creek Blog—a forum for the magazine to spout off on any number of subjects between issues, and to relay important, timely information to its readers.

Space on the Taddle Creek Blog will also be available to the magazine’s staff and contributors, should they ever have something to say of interest to Taddle Creek readers and, for some reason, nowhere else to say it.

Finally, this page will replace the former book recommendations page, both on the site and in the magazine. Why should you have to wait up to six months to hear about the latest small-press masterpiece Taddle Creek has deemed a must read? You shouldn’t—and you’re welcome. (To that end, though this officially is the first entry of the Taddle Creek Blog, you’ll find an earlier entry consisting of all the magazine’s previous recommendations, broken up more or less by year, dating back to 1996.)

That’s all Taddle Creek has to say right now. More to come.