Submission Call For Childhood-Themed Stories

Taddle Creek currently is seeking submissions of fiction and poetry on the theme of childhood for a special issue centred on said theme.

The magazine’s definition of what constitutes a childhood-themed story is very broad. Your story does not have to teach any kind of lesson, nor should it be maudlin. It really just needs to have at least one lead character aged eighteen or below.

Please note: this is not an issue for children. It is a regular issue for adults, with a childhood theme. Also note: all regular submission guidelines remain in effect.

Submission deadline is Friday, August 8, 2014, at 5 p.m. Why so soon? Because Taddle Creek knows however long it makes the deadline, you undoubtedly will wait until the last possible second to send in your submission, and the magazine really wants to get reading.

Send submissions via E-mail to Thank you.