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A Frighteningly Good Deal For Halloween

Published On-Line, October 26, 2016

Ooooo! The zombie ghost of Taddle Creep’s terrifyingly generous subscription offer has returned from the dead once more! In a deal 98% treat and only 2% trick, the magazine is prepared to offer potential victims . . . er, subscribers the deal of nine lifetimes: two years (four issues) of Taddle Creek delivered to your door or coffin lid, plus a free 20th anniversary copy* of Dark Rides, Derek McCormack’s $12.95-cover-priced debut short story collection, signed in “ink” by Derek,** all for just $13.32 (that’s $6.66 x 2).

Be warned! Once the sun comes up on November, this special offer bursts into flames! Order before midnight on Monday, October 31, 2016. Send $13.32 to editor(at)taddlecreekmag(dot)com via PayPal, along with your name, address, and time you can usually be found home alone, or visit the Taddle Creek Web site and subscribe by credit card as normal, ignoring all warning signs that say you’ll pay $18. Taddle Creek will only charge you $13.32.

Subscribe today and it will be your and Taddle Creek’s little secret. No one wants the zombies to know how big a brain you have!

*By “20th anniversary copy” Taddle Creek means copies that have been sitting around for 20 years.

**Derek has not yet confirmed his willingness to sign books. The magazine will do its best by offering to feed him Count Chocula as he signs.