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The Black and White Issue

Taddle Creek looks at diversity (or lack thereof) in its pages.

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Pure Sweetness

The egg cream is alive and well in New York—and a lone Montreal lunch counter.

Growing Up In Toronto

Twenty-five arts-related citizens reflect on how the city shaped and inspired them in their youth.

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Going With the Flow

The eclectic music of Petunia.

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“Moonman knew more than anyone I’d ever met, and every night I felt like he was sharing secrets of the universe with me alone.”

Moonman” by

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Fifteen mumbling minutes with Douglas Coupland

Further proof that X is a term that defines not a chronological age but a way of looking at the world.

“I can’t believe I’ve actually met Cole!”

Cole Fleming's fame grows among T.T.C. staff.

Bill Nye is Undeniably Cool

One thing that hasn’t evolved is the scientist’s ability to stay on message.

“Lucky duck! He got fame and revenge for the price of one motive!”

Funnybabyland” by

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Lynn’s Case

Local author Lynn Crosbie discusses her controversial new book, Paul’s Case, a fictional look at the lives of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka.

The Moral Pornographer

Is Tamara Faith Berger’s work highbrow fiction or lowbrow smut? Does it matter?

Derek McCormack Speaks in Complete Paragraphs

Toronto’s midnight cowboy rises from the gutter with a new book to scare up readers.



This week on The Taddle Creek Podcast: Sandy Pool reads her poem “On Slander.” Don’t mind the background noise…

3 days ago

From the archives: Shannon Quinn’s first book of poetry is out this week. So here’s some of her fiction. “Sunchild,” from Taddle Creek..

4 days ago

“You send me a text that says, ‘You’re hard not to love,’ followed by one that says, ‘You’re hard to love.’ One of these things..

6 days ago