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The encouragement of a CBC kids' show producer made my career a lot more fun.

Taddle Creek’s First Cover Star

A tribute to M. Fred Tobias (1914–1991), on the one hundredth anniversary of his birth.

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Hey kids! This issue of Taddle Creek is just for you!

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Subways, Buses, and Streetcars

While other kids play video games, Cole Fleming rides the rails and explores his city.

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“Jake tried not to think of the horrible moose skull propped up against the wall outside.”

The Giant’s Knock” by

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“Whatever!! I’m gonna be here watchin’ Pete’s Dragon!!”

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Submission call! Taddle Creek is looking for childhood-themed fiction and poetry. Submit by August 8th!

1 week ago

Here's a piece about a cool kid named Cole who loves streetcars, subways, and buses:

4 weeks ago

Here's a new blog post by the editor, Conan Tobias, on why mentoring kids can be cool.

1 month ago