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Bill Nye is Undeniably Cool

One thing that hasn’t evolved is the scientist’s ability to stay on message.

My First Obsession

The encouragement of a CBC kids' show producer made my career a lot more fun.

Taddle Creek’s First Cover Star

A tribute to M. Fred Tobias (1914–1991), on the one hundredth anniversary of his birth.

“Moonman knew more than anyone I’d ever met, and every night I felt like he was sharing secrets of the universe with me alone.”

Moonman” by

“Why are you crying?”

Sad Music” by

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Toronto’s Lady Santa Claus

Merle Foster’s studio wasn’t a toy shop, but it was still magical to the children of the Ward.



Now with proper photo embedded: the Taddle Creek editor Conan Tobias's 1996 interview with Bill Nye the science guy:

1 day ago

Here's the latest installment of Dave Lapp's comic People Around Here:

5 days ago

Taddle Creek hates to see any magazine fold, but if it had Descant's money it could live forever.

1 week ago