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Roller Coaster Ride

The Saint John Ex’s ever-changing fortune.

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The Young Taxidermist of Alberta

Where some see barbarism, Levi Wiebe sees connection.

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The Ephemera

The Canada “Issue”

Why Taddle Creek is celebrating Canada, but not Canada 150.

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Homegrown Horrors

Ryan Heshka’s Romance of Canada.

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“Tight shirts—tight slacks—tight smile / perfect blonds every night.”

If I Were Burt Reynolds” by

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“Hey, did you see that they added a new letter to the alphabet?”

Fad to Grey” by

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A Break with Conventions

With a new book of short stories, a successful series of chapbooks, and the editor’s chair of Broken Pencil, Emily Schultz scores a D.I.Y. hat trick.

The Moral Pornographer

Is Tamara Faith Berger’s work highbrow fiction or lowbrow smut? Does it matter?

Bunny Heads and Stranger Things

The wandering eye of Sonja Ahlers.

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Taddle Creek is at Canzine. Why aren’t you??

12 hours ago

Taddle Creek is at Canzine today, at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Stop by!

17 hours ago

The deadline to submit to Taddle Creek’s pulp fiction issue is arriving fast! If you write nerdy genre fiction, this is your big chance to appear..

2 days ago