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Growing Up In Toronto

Twenty-five arts-related citizens reflect on how the city shaped and inspired them in their youth.

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Special Delivery

Owl’s Karen Sullivan-Cooke keeps another generation interested in the art of letter-writing.

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Fifteen mumbling minutes with Douglas Coupland

Further proof that X is a term that defines not a chronological age but a way of looking at the world.

“I can’t believe I’ve actually met Cole!”

Cole Fleming's fame grows among T.T.C. staff.

Bill Nye is Undeniably Cool

One thing that hasn’t evolved is the scientist’s ability to stay on message.

My First Obsession

The encouragement of a CBC kids' show producer made my career a lot more fun.

“Moonman knew more than anyone I’d ever met, and every night I felt like he was sharing secrets of the universe with me alone.”

Moonman” by

“Why are you crying?”

Sad Music” by

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Bunny Heads and Stranger Things

The wandering eye of Sonja Ahlers.



“At the sound of the lock rattling the bear turned, looking angry, like it knew I had tricked him. He seemed to offer me a choice, saying, Open..

1 week ago

Fans of Ronit Novak’s white squirrel story in Taddle Creek’s kids’ issue might be interested in this latest sighting, via Torontoist.

2 weeks ago

“Months late, I dive into my New Year’s resolutions, Promptly giving up sugar, caffeine, cigarettes, you.” It’s April, so here’s an early Throwback..

2 weeks ago