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The Black and White Issue

Taddle Creek looks at diversity (or lack thereof) in its pages.

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Pure Sweetness

The egg cream is alive and well in New York—and a lone Montreal lunch counter.

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Going With the Flow

The eclectic music of Petunia.

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A New Vantage Point

Berenice Abbott at the Ryerson Image Centre.

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“Tight shirts—tight slacks—tight smile / perfect blonds every night.”

If I Were Burt Reynolds” by

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Fifteen mumbling minutes with Douglas Coupland

Further proof that X is a term that defines not a chronological age but a way of looking at the world.

“I can’t believe I’ve actually met Cole!”

Cole Fleming's fame grows among T.T.C. staff.

Taddle Creek No. 36 (Winter, 2015–2016)

The Podcast

“Hey, did you see that they added a new letter to the alphabet?”

Fad to Grey” by

The Profiles Archive

Everywhere and Nowhere

Hal Niedzviecki—Canada’s self-defined indie guru—faces adulthood, fatherhood, and a growing generation gap.

Not Just Mouthing the Words

Camilla Gibb transforms from first-time novelist to writer with The Petty Details of So-and-so’s Life.

Blood Thicker Than Honey Water

Saleema Nawaz expands the universe of two early creations in her debut novel, Bone and Bread.

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Congrats to Taddle Creek contributors Cary Fagan, Jess Taylor, Gary Barwin, Lauren McKeon, Graham Roumieu, John Montgomery, and Pascal Blanchet,..

22 hours ago

Congratulations to Andrew MacDonald, whose short story “Progress on a Genetic Level” is nominated for a National Magazine Award.

22 hours ago

Taddle Creek could not be more happy to have its latest cover illustrated by Gilbert Hernandez.

1 day ago