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Round 2

No matter how many chairs are thrown at him, Nathaniel G. Moore won’t let his shoulder touch the mat.

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Cardboard Forest

Context is everything in Jacqui Oakley’s playful recreations of popular woodland creatures.

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“Shelby was always so beautiful in the half darkness. In the half darkness, so was I.”

Ark” by

“Geoffrey, it’s Kraftwerk. They’re at the mall if you want to meet them.”

A Really Special Summer” by

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Flag by Ethan Rilly (Vol. XVII, No. 2, Whole Number 32, Spring, 2014).

3 days ago

The new Taddle Creek contributor Benjamin Lof offers up a new short story from Taddle Creek's newest issue on the magazine's new website. Enjoy..

4 days ago

Every story from Taddle Creek's most recent issue is now available on-line for the low, low cost of free!

5 days ago