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Canada’s Greatest Cartoonist

Lou Skuce’s charmed and versatile career.

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A New Vantage Point

Berenice Abbott at the Ryerson Image Centre.

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Pure Sweetness

The egg cream is alive and well in New York—and a lone Montreal lunch counter.

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Some Final Words On Lou Skuce


Fifteen mumbling minutes with Douglas Coupland

Further proof that X is a term that defines not a chronological age but a way of looking at the world.

“Tight shirts—tight slacks—tight smile / perfect blonds every night.”

If I Were Burt Reynolds” by

The Journey Prize Long-Lister

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“Hey, did you see that they added a new letter to the alphabet?”

Fad to Grey” by

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Everywhere and Nowhere

Hal Niedzviecki—Canada’s self-defined indie guru—faces adulthood, fatherhood, and a growing generation gap.

Not Just Mouthing the Words

Camilla Gibb transforms from first-time novelist to writer with The Petty Details of So-and-so’s Life.

Blood Thicker Than Honey Water

Saleema Nawaz expands the universe of two early creations in her debut novel, Bone and Bread.

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Don’t forget to check out Dave Lapp’s strip “Mom” in Best American Comics 2016. Here’s another piece from Dave Mom trilogy.

3 days ago

Toronto’s favourite son, Nathaniel G. Moore, makes his triumphant return to the city of his birth tonight, launching his new book, Jettison,..

4 days ago

What a year it’s been serializing Hal Niedzviecki’s new novel, The Archaeologists! Now that you’ve read every third or fourth chapter on-line:..

4 days ago